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        1. 北京市软银科技开发有限责任公司

          小金棋牌  >  站点信息  >  About Soban Technology

          About Soban Technology

          Established in 1998, Beijing Soban Technology Development Ltd has brought in and developed world-class small and medium sized engineering machinery equipment, which specializes in emergency rescue, repair and construction. We provide many customized integrated solutions, which are highly efficient and compatible, easy to store and transport, and require little to do maintenance. Our professional service system and R&D department made our name in this industry.

          Not only working in independent R&D and integrated innovation, Soban also established strategic partnership with many world leading brands, Eg. Stanley, JCB, Brokk, Mikasa, Lukas. All of those brands are taking majority market share in segment market. Soban has enjoyed a long term partnership with them for over 10 years and they provide high-level strong support and even customized products for us.

          Supporting emergency rescue is one of our social responsibilities. Having been participated in many disaster relief and rescue, such as WenChuan earthquake, Yushu earthquake and Beijing extraordinary rainstorm, Soban always assigned special service teams together with equipment the first time around, which was highly praised by the government, military, and the armed police.

          Soban Technology will stick to its enterprise mission and service philosophy, continue to explore clients’ needs and offer equipment and solutions with -higher efficiency, more flexibility and better reliability,